Plans underway to improve immigration security

News Somaliland

Somaliland plans to improve its immigration security with immediate effect.

Brig. Gen. Mohamed Hussein Farah Hirane, the new head of the Somaliland Immigration Department, said this during a visit to Borama.

He urged regional leaders and officers of the immigration department to strengthen security at Awdal.

Borama is the capital of the Awdal region.

He held discussions with Mohamed Ahmed Warsame and Mohamed Ahmed Aalin Tiimbaro.

Warsame is the Mayor of Borama while Tiimbaro is the Governor of the Awdal region.

Mayor Warsame and Governor Tiimbaro both briefed Brig. Gen. Hirane on the local situation with non-Somaliland residents in the Awdal region.

Brig. Gen. Hirane vowed to develop Awdal’s immigration branch further.

Somaliland is a destination, transit, and source country for migrants and asylum seekers in the Horn of Africa.

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