health News 3 Min Read

Trailblazing Nadihifo training Somali women in importance of breastfeeding

Nadihifo Ahmed, a 46-year-old mother of five, leads a group of mothers in her community. Once a month, she holds a meeting in her house, at the health center, or at the community center for the Mother-to-Mother (m2m) support group she leads. The group has 12 women, all of them…

Climate News 5 Min Read

Humanitarian cash transfer programme brings hope to displaced families

Sahra Ahmed Abokor, a mother of six, migrated from Eeel Ade village more than a hundred kilometres from the township of Garadag. Abokor’s situation typifies that of tens of thousands of families living in the vast, arid regions of Togdheer, Sool and Sanag who were displaced by the severe drought…