Waddani objects to President Bihi’s returning electoral law to the Senate

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Somaliland’s opposition party, Waddani, has strongly opposed the electoral law, Code No. 91, which the President sent back to the Senate House.

Last week, the President of the breakaway region of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, received the law after the House of Representatives removed amendments made by the Senate. However, today, Bihi has returned the law to the Senate.

Speaking to local media in Hargeisa on Monday, Mohamed Farah Abdi, the Waddani Party spokesman, emphasized the President’s rarity in sending a law back to the Senate.

“Something that has not happened in Somaliland for 32 years has occurred today. After the President sends the law to the Senate, it indicates the direction our country is taking. As a party, we will respond strongly and take swift action,” said Farah.

Opposition parties have accused President Bihi of undermining democracy and impeding every opportunity to propel the Somaliland region forward.

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