Bihi makes another cabinet reschuffle

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The President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, recently issued decrees reshaping his cabinet, including the Minister of Youth and Sports and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. 

Abdirahman Hirsi Jama Dhoble, the former Minister of Youth and Sports, and Abdi-Nasir Omar Jama, the former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, were removed from their positions, as stated in the presidential decrees.

 “The responsibilities of our nation are cyclical, necessitating leadership best suited for the times. Effective today, your tenure in these roles ends.”

Following these dismissals, Abdirisaq Musa Farah has been appointed as the new Minister of Youth and Sports. Rooda Jama Elmi Abdulle steps in as the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Saleeban Jama Diriye takes on the Deputy Minister of Financial Development role.

This reshuffle is the second significant cabinet change implemented by President Bihi this year.

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