SSC-Khatumo leader calls for peaceful coexistence with Somaliland


Amid renewed deadly clashes in the Sool region, SSC-Khatumo leader Abdukadir Firdhiye passionately calls for peace, urging Somaliland to cease hostilities and live with peace.

The recent fighting in the Budharkeyn area, spanning Sool and Togdher regions, claimed the lives of at least 6 people, escalating tensions between the Dhulbahante clan militia from SSC-Khatumo and the Isaq of Somaliland.

Speaking at an investment conference in Laascaanood on Saturday night, Firdhiye expressed his administration’s unwavering commitment to ending the conflict and fostering peaceful coexistence.

“Despite past hostilities, we are ready to embrace peace and live as good neighbors with Somaliland,” he declared.

Acknowledging the recent clashes, Firdhiye extended a caution to the elders in Somaliland who advocated for attacks, urging them to reconsider their actions.

In a surprising turn, he emphasized the importance of peace and stability for Somaliland, signaling a shift in the approach towards resolving the long-standing conflict.

Firdhiye’s call for peace extends beyond the Sool region, as he also implores Puntland politicians to prioritize a peaceful resolution and overcome the election deadlock in Garowe.

“I call on the politicians in Garowe to resolve differences peacefully and avoid causing further harm,” he appealed, referencing recent clashes in Garowe stemming from the dispute over the Puntland election scheduled for the next year.

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