WADDANI accuses government of failing to restore security in clash hit regions

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Somaliland’s opposition party WADDANI has accused the government of failing to manage the recent clashes in the Ceelafwayn and Cali Saahid regions.

The party at the same time accused outgoing president Muse Biixi of undermining security institutions.

The party’s Secretary of Information, Mahmoud Adam Jama “Galaal,” stated that the government needs to quickly deploy armed troops to these regions, including the National Army, Police, and the Ministry of Interior. He emphasized that there is an urgent need for comprehensive security measures to bring peace to these areas.

Jam added that the President and the security institutions have failed in their duties, and they can no longer be trusted.

Following the events of August 25, 2023, in Sool region, which led to the ouster of Somaliland troops from Las Anod the President’s leadership and his involvement are unclear. The security institutions show signs of ineffectiveness and a lack of responsibility.

If the government does not intervene in the conflicts and incidents in these regions within 24 hours, the Somaliland House of Representatives should call on the highest-ranking officials of the security agencies to be held accountable.” Said Mahmoud Adam Jama “Galaal.

Reports indicate that these prolonged conflicts involve rival clans in the Ceelafwayn and Cali Saahid regions, resulting in casualties and injuries.

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