Rebel forces abduct Water ministry vehicle in Togdheer

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The anti-Somaliland government rebel forces abducted a vehicle belonging to the Ministry of Water from the Dhoqoshay district in the Togdheer region on Saturday.

In a recorded video, the rebels, based in the Ga’an Libah Mountains, called for the resignations of the President and the Minister of Internal Affairs of Somaliland, vowing to continue their attacks.

One of the rebels conveyed, “If Minister Kahin and Muse Bihi care about the people, they should resign to restore peace and patriotism. Otherwise, we will expand our attacks from Dhoqoshay to Oog areas, even the presidency.”

Two weeks ago, a committee of traditional elders successfully brokered an agreement between the opposition and the government, resolving a longstanding electoral dispute. The root of the political discord centers on the sequencing of the election of political organizations and the presidential election. President Bihi advocates for the election of political organizations to precede the presidential election, a stance met with reluctance from the opposition.

A critical decision made by the committee was that both the elections for political organizations and the Presidential post would be conducted on the same day, specifically on November 13, 2024.

Furthermore, the committee of traditional elders issued a directive for the immediate dissolution of the anti-government rebels currently assembled in the Gacan-Libah Mountains. The elders of the rebels have been ordered to compensate the families of 10 soldiers killed in attacks against government forces and to surrender their weapons and vehicles to the government. Last week, the Somaliland government extended a pardon to the anti-government fighters.

However, the traditional elders have spent the past few days in the Gacan-Libah Mountains, attempting to persuade the rebels to lay down their arms. Unfortunately, they have not yet succeeded in their mission.

It remains uncertain how the actions taken by the rebel force could disrupt the agreement reached by the opposition and the government. The rebel group leaders claim they took up arms in response to President Muse Bihi’s refusal to hold elections and his use of force against demonstrators demanding timely polls.

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