Escalating conflict in Laascaanood as SSC-Khaatumo and Somaliland forces clash

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Heavy clashes erupted between the forces of Somaliland and the SSC-Khaatumo near the eastern section of Laascaanood, with the epicenter being an area named Maraaga.

The conflict’s intensity appears to surpass previous encounters, stemming from numerous confrontations between the warring factions.

To date, the number of casualties remains unclear as both parties have not released official statements regarding the ongoing clashes.

Tensions heightened days after the senior council of the SSC-Khaatumo announced their intention to engage in what they labeled a “War of Honor.”

SSC-Khaatumo administration officials assert that they’ve secured a portion of Maraaga, recognized as a Somaliland military stronghold. This statement has not been independently verified.

Recent activities hint at an increase in military readiness from the SSC-Khaatumo, with their president seen touring former conflict zones.

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