Ex Somaliland army commander explains his reason of defecting to SSC

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Brigadier General Saleeban Barre Geesood, a former commander in the Somaliland army who defected, stated that his decision to leave was due to the lack of effective measures to stop the ongoing war.

He stated that he saw the need for peace and therefore joined the SSC.

“From my perspective, wisdom and consultation are crucial. There must be a clear strategy to avoid devastation. Yet, it seemed to me that nothing would change unless they (Somaliland) faced defeat. In such a scenario, it was essential for every individual to take responsibility,” Barre said.

He accused Somaliland of launching attacks on the town of Lasanood, causing significant damage to its economy, infrastructure, schools, and hospitals.

Barre refuted Somaliland’s claim that terrorists are active in Lasanood. Instead, he stated that the conflict is between the Somaliland army and the local population. “The notion of terrorism does not apply here,” Barre argued.

He expressed skepticism about the possibility of ending the war in Lasanood. He blamed President Bihi for allegedly wanting the conflict to persist to prevent elections from taking place.

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