More journalists arrested in Somaliland as Human Rights Centre hits at authorities


The Human Rights Centrehas condemned the arbitrary detention of journalists and social activists in Borama and Erigavo.

According to a sstatement signed by Yasmin Omar H. Mohamoud, the Chairperson of the Human Rights Center on May 14, 2023, Ali Ismail Arreh(Ali Waheen) , a freelance journalist, was arrested without warrant and no formal charges have been brought against him thus far. He has not been brought to court since his detention.

Omar said that during their visit on May 27, 2023, to Ali Ismail at the Borama regional prison station, he recounted his arrest and subsequent detention.

“According to Ali Ismail, he has been informed informally that he was arrested for a briefing post about alleged clandestine meeting with the Dir Community in Borama about three months ago that did not happen,” said Omar/

Another journalist Warsame Kaafi Abdirashid Adam was on May 28, 2023, was arrested in Erigavo. Warsame currently works with MMTV. His arrest was ordered by the governor of Erigavo.

Additionally, Naafic Mohammed Qaadi, Ahmed Misan Khairdoon, and Abdiqani Mohammed Dhego were arrested on May 14, 2023 in Borama for social media post. They have not been brought to court nor formally charged with a crime.

The Human Rights Center is concerned with the increasing rate of detaining journalists and social activists arbitrarly and downward trajectory of press and free media sin Somaliland.

As enshrined in the constitution, Article 32 (1) gives citizens the right to express their opinions in any form. Moreover, Article 25(2) requires the issuant of a warrant for all arrests, which is not the case for the abovementioned individuals.

The Human Rights Center urges for their immediate release and demands an investigation on the lack of correct procedural awareness and abuse of power.

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