International partners pile pressure on President Bihi to set elections date

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The European Union and tghe United States of America are now demanding that the Somaliland president gives a road map to the presiddential elections that are scheduled to be held this year.

In a statement released by group of 15 International Partners (Belgium, Canada, Denmark, European Union, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Türkiye, United Kingdom, and the United States of America) said the elections shoule be held as soon as possible.

The statement read: “Partners also stressed the importance of urgent progress on elections in Somaliland. We invited H.E. the President to publish a roadmap for elections and clarify the sequencing and timing of elections to allow for technical preparations. Tangible steps are needed to ensure elections can take place as soon as possible.”

Their statement came at a gtime when there is uncertaintry on when the presidential elections will be held with President Muse Bihi keeping it his own secret.

Pressure has been mounting with from the opposition parties demanding that the elections be held soonest, but their protests have been met with the full force of the country’s security who have killed several demosntrators, arrested and jailed others.

The elections were initially scheduled to be held in November 13 last year but were the date came and passed with the House of Elders extending the term of President Bihi by a further two years.

But on Monday in an interview with France 24, President Bihi said his government had already allocated USDollars 10 million for the elections but fell short of stating when the same will be held.

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