Somaliland army commander defects to SSC forces


Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Deeq Mahumed Abdi, commander of the 95th Brigade of the Somaliland Army based in Buhoodle and Arowayn, has announced his defection to the SSC forces.

“I am Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Deeq Mahumed Abdi, commander of the 95th Battalion of the National Army in Carowayn. I declare that I have resigned from my position in the National Army, and my sympathies go out to the people of SSC,” Commander Abdi told Buhoodle media.

He explained that his resignation came after witnessing abuses perpetrated by Somaliland forces on the people of his region, and he intends to defend his people.

Several traditional elders in his area have praised Commander Abdi for his decision.

Traditional elders and political leaders from the Sool region have repeatedly accused the Somaliland Army of causing problems in SSC areas, but the government has consistently denied these allegations.

The conflict between the Somaliland military and SSC forces for control of SSC territory has entered its fourth month. Local doctors estimate that as many as 350 people have been killed during the conflict, which has uprooted nearly the entire town of Las Anod.

Somaliland’s military spokesperson announced on March 26 that its forces would abandon their defensive positions and launch offensive attacks against the SSC in Las Anod.

Just days later, the US called on Somaliland to pull back its security forces while asking militias in Las Anod to refrain from offensive actions against Somaliland forces.

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