More fighting in Las Anod as Somaliland army takes leaves Tukaraq


After 20 consecutive days of heavy fighting in Las Anod, intense clashes were reported on Monday morning in the Diyaarada area, located 20 kilometres east of the town.

On Sunday, the Somaliland army left Tukaraq and established a new station in the Diyaarada area after losing control of Tukaraq. The Somaliland forces have expanded to military bases on the other side of town.

SSC-Khatumo forces went to the area on Sunday but left late last night. On Saturday, SSC-Khatumo forces captured an army base and seized military vehicles, including tanks, armoured vehicles, and other weapons, on the outskirts of Las Anod town.

The battle occurred at the Guul Wade military camp, which is the base of troops loyal to Somaliland military officer Mahad Cambaashe, who recently claimed to have defected from Somaliland but refused to hand over his weapons and army to the SSC administration a few days later.

On Sunday, the Somaliland administration accused the federal government of Somalia and the semi-autonomous region in Somalia’s northeast of Puntland State of attacking its army bases in Las Anod town. The Somaliland administration stated that they had no option but to defend their territory and protect their people. They strongly condemned the act of aggression and were determined to stand up for their sovereignty.

Speaking at an event in Mogadishu on Sunday, Federal Minister of Interior Ahmed Moalim Fiqi reiterated that the government’s position on the violence in Las Anod is to stop the fighting immediately, and Somaliland should withdraw its troops from the city.

“The government of Somalia is sorry for the continued violence in Las Anod and calls on Somaliland to withdraw its army from the town. Somalia has taken a clear position to stop the war and withdraw the troops from the town,” said Somalia’s Interior Minister Ahmed Macalin Fiqi.

Somaliland Parliament Speaker Abdirisaaq Khalif Ahmed has accused Somaliland’s President Muse Bihi of obstructing all efforts to bring peace to Las Anod. The Speaker stated that the government’s claim that it was fighting terrorist groups in Las Anod had spiralled out of control and described it as an offensive move.

According to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), clashes between security forces and clan leaders in Las Anod in northern Somalia have left 150 people dead and over 600 others wounded since February 6. Hospitals in the area have also been indiscriminately bombed for the past three weeks.

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