Ex Somaliland leader Kaahin tells President Bihi to handle Las Anood crisis responsibly

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Former President of Somaliland Dahir Riyale Kaahin (pictured) has said that efforts should be made to resolve the situation in Las Anod responsibly.

In a statement, Kaahin said that the current government in Somaliland was not responsibly handling the conflict.

He stated that the people of Laascaanood were part of the decision-making process and a solution should be found through dialogue, not through labeling the citizens of Sool as terrorists.

He said that the government led by President Muse Bihi should handle the political and public conflicts within Somaliland responsibly and with caution, avoiding harm and distress to the people.

At the supreme traditional clan chief of the Sool, Sanaag, and Ayn regions, Garad Jama Garad Ali, declared that there were no terrorists in the Sool region and accused the Somaliland army of terrorism.

Responding to Somaliland President Muse Bihi, Garad Ali said in Las Anod on Tuesday that the people meeting in the city were not terrorists and that the President’s speech inflamed tensions.

“We are sorry for that statement and emphasize that there is no terrorism in Sool; the SSC members are discussing their future, which is not terrorism. His remarks exacerbate the problems that Muse and his administration have created for Las Anod residents, “Garad Ali stated.

Garad Jama Garad Ali described the Somaliland forces as terrorists and stated that there are no other terrorists in the region besides the Somaliland forces. He also said President Muse Bihi would be responsible for the fallout from his rhetoric.

The clan chief urged the international community not to support the Somaliland army, noting that previous international support for Somaliland had harmed the people in the SSC regions.

On Monday, Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi reiterated that the Somaliland army would not leave the Sool region, expressing hope that the ongoing meeting in Las Anod would lead to positive results.

The President blamed the problems in Las Anod on an unnamed terrorist group and urged the people of the Sool region to work for peace, emphasizing that “The Somaliland army is protecting its country from the enemy.”

Bihi said  the situation in Laascaanood has been created by international terrorists, which aimed to create conflict between the people of Sool and the government.

 “Our country is generally peaceful, but there is a problem in the Sool region, particularly in Laascaanood. The people of Sool, who are the historic leaders of Somaliland, both historically and today, are being affected by the problem. We wonder what is causing this problem. I want to make it clear here and inform the world that the problem in Laascaanood is caused by international terrorism. The young people and those who are currently protesting are not motivated by a desire to harm the Republic of Somaliland or its people,” the president said.

The President also stated that he expects peace and prosperity from the traditional leaders’ conference being held in Laascaanood. He believes that the conference, attended by religious and intelligent people, will always result in peace, unity and prevent conflict.

The President also stated that the government is ready to engage in dialogue and resolve any issue in Laascaanood peacefully.

He praised the various forces of Somaliland for their role in maintaining peace in the situation in Laascaanood. “The call for the Somaliland forces to leave is a message from the militants who want to create chaos and disturbance, the army will protect against both militants and those who seek to harm Somaliland and will not leave Sool but will defend it.

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