Trail of blood as police open fire at protestors in Lasanod

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Somaliland police is being accused of shooting indiscriminately at protestors in Lasanod City, Sool Region turning the city into a bloodbath.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that the Somaliland police shot stone-throwing protesters who blocked parts of the city and are chanting slogans against Muse Bihi’s administration.

Two people, including prominent Sheikh, Bidde Farah Aalin, were killed after police shot at rioters.

Witnesses said that more than 10 people were injured by the Somaliland army, and are currently being treated at Lasanod hospitals.

Somaliland has sent additional troops to the city to stop the protest and ordered Internet services to be suspended temporarily.

Former heads of the central government of Somalia have criticized Somaliland’s actions in Lasanod.

Former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, and former Prime Ministers Hassan Ali Khaire, Omar Rasheed, and Abdiweli Gas issued a joint statement condemning the killings and called on Somaliland to protect the rights, safety, and honor of the Somali people.

Meanwhile, the government has announced that it will pay compensation to those who died in the demos in Lasaanod, in a meeting with the relatives of the deceased.

The National Committee in Sool region, consisting of Ministers, General Directors, Members of Parliament and the administration of Sool region held a meeting with the relatives of those who died in the Lasanood protest.

It was said in the meeting that the government gave the funeral portions to the relatives of those who died in the protest, while pledging to pay compensations fully.

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