Three civilians and four police officers injured in street battles in Burao

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At least three young men and four police officers were injured when security forces clashed with a group of protesters supporting the opposition’s decision to no longer recognize Muse Bihi’s presidency in Somaliland The protest in Burao town late Sunday night came a few hours after opposition leaders declared they would no longer recognize Muse Bihi’s presidency after his constitutional mandate expired Sunday.

The leaders of Waddani and UCID released a 4-point statement urging investors and the international community not to engage with the Somaliland government, which it describes as “illegitimate.”

However, opposition leaders did not announce a protest last night as expected, instead urging people to maintain peace and seek a peaceful resolution to the conflict through dialogue.

Following the opposition’s press conference, Somaliland police commander Major General Mohamed Adan Saqadi vowed to ensure security and threatened that the police would deal with anyone who commits an act of insecurity.

On August 12, clashes between opposition protesters and security forces in Somaliland killed five people were killed, and 100 were wounded when security forces clashed with protesters demanding presidential elections be held in November.

Supporters of the Wadani and UCID opposition parties took to the streets in at least three major cities — Hargeisa, Erigavo and Burao — setting up roadblocks, burning tires, and stoning cars and businesses.

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