Opposition seeking Plan B after Bihi rejects international community mediation over election stalemate

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Somaliland opposition parties are preparing for the next line of action after President Muse Bihi rejected a meeting planned by the International Community to break ice over the Presidential elections stalemate.

The Presidential elections were expected to be held on November 13, but a unilateral decision by the House of Elders which boasts of Bihi’s loyalists to extend his term by two years means there will be no elections.

The opposition parties Waddani and UCID have stated they will not recognize Bihi’s government after November 13 unless.

The opposition parties had extended an olive branch to Bihi to have a consensus that will set the pathway to the elections but he has failed to give in to the requests.

The international community, seemingly concerned with the proceedings had called the government and opposition to a mediation table to agree on a framework that will see the elections held within the timeline set by the National Electoral Commission but the failure by Bihi to attend now creates a stalemate.

Waddani presidential candidate Abdirahman Irro has asked the international community not to give up until the stalemate is broken.

“We had hoped to get a way foward today but it is clear the president is not committed to coming to the discussion table. I continue to urge the international community not to give up on Somaliland. We do not want to sink further than this. We must continue working together to ensure democracy prevails,” said Irro

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