UCID chief now wants military to rebel against Bihi

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Somaliland opposition party UCID is now calling on the country’s military not to recognize President Muse Bihi once his term in office ends in November

The party chairman Faysal Ali Warabe at the same time urged the military to oppose the extension of the President’s term as ruled by the Senate two weeks ago.

Warabe in an audio released to the public as he spoke to a senior member of the Somaliland military told the officers to rebel and save the country from what he termed as ‘an autocratic leadership that wants to retain power through the backdoor.’

He said the military should stand and be counted by also pushing for democracy in the country and have the presidential elections held in November 13 as per the constitution.”

He accused Bihi of frustrating the opposition and dividing the country comparing him with former Somali President Farmajoo.

“Inshallah, if we hold an election, he (president Bihi) will leave, we will form a just government that will unite the people, so gather together, Mogadishu has been saved from Farmajo by a military uprising,” said Faisal told the officer.

“Show that this man(the president) is wasting our life long gains, 10 years of fighting and for 30 years of living in hunger”.

The chairman of UCID told soldiers to unite and force the government to hold the presidential election within the 9 months as proposed by the country’s electoral commission.

Opposition parties, traditional leaders and advocates of Somaliland’s democratisation process have opposed the two-year extension by the unelected Guurti house for President Muse Bihi.

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