International community question Bihi’s term extension

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The international community is now wants Somaliland to agree on a time road map for the presidential elections.

Coming just three days after the Somaliland upoper house- The Guurti unilaterally decided to extend the term of President Muse Bihi by a further two years, the international community who support Somaliland’s progress and demarcation in a news release want a concensus driven process which will allow the election to be held soonest.

The brief statement by Denmark, European Union, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United states stated: “Following the decision of the Somaliland House of Elders (Guurti) ion manadate extensions this weekend, international partners follwong the democratisation process want to underline the importance of a consensus driven prcess which allows elections to be held as soon as possible in a manner consistent with the technical considerations set out by Somaliland’s National Electoral Commission.”

We once again urge all Somaliland political actors to work together constructively to agree on a timely roadmap for the elections for Somaliland’s democratic credibility and stability.”

The action by the Guurti has put Somaliland democracy into stern test with the opposition now saying they will not recognise President Bihi once his term ends in November.

Initially the elections were slated for November 13, 2022 but the electoral commission said it would not be ready to hold the process well and proposed to have them held in nine months time from October, a proposal the opposition was ready to welcome.

But the announcement by the Guurti which is made up of President Bihi’s loyalists came as a shocker to the entire country which had been geared up for the elections.

Waddani and UCID Presidential candidates accused the President of rejecting various delegations from religious leaders, entrepreneurs, and intellectuals on Sunday at a separate press conference, emphasizing that their parties will never accept an extension of the President’s term.

Waddani Party presidential candidate Dr Abdirahman Irro said the extension was unconstitutional and vowed to marshal the citizens to reject it in toto.

He said the opposition will not recognize President Bihi once his constitutional term ends on November 13.

“We will not recognize president Bihi and his government after 13th November 2022 which is the end of his last constitutional term”, says Dr. Abdirahman Irro, the party’s presidential candidate.

“We were embarrassed with the decision. The democratic electoral system was dumped and exposed to darkness yesterday and the confidence of the public and their desire suppressed,” the Wadani party leader said.

“The president has intentionally resorted to illegitimacy, breach of the constitution and recklessness,” he added, vowing not accept his term extension.

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