Senate unilaterally extends Bihi’s term by two more years

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The Somaliland Senate, the Guurti has unilaterally decided to extend the term of President Muse Bihi by two years.

This comes just days after the National Electoral Commission (NEC) has proposed to push the elections to October next year.

The Senate which is made up of President Bihi’s loyalists held a meeting early Saturday at its headquarters in Hargeisa, where it came up with the decision.

Saleeban Mahmoud Aden, Somalialand’s senate chairman, said 72 members of parliament voted on Saturday to extend Abdi’s term by a “two-year period.” One MP objected.

Lawmaker Omar Nur Waye, the lone member who did not vote on the extension, said there should have been more dialogue before the decision.

The decision is bound to add to the political tension that is growing in the country over the presidential elections.

In August deadly protests broke out in the country with demonstrators demanding elections be held in November amid suspicions President Muse Bihi Abdi wanted to delay the poll and extend his term.

In the August clashes between security forces and opposition protesters at least five people were killed and 100 injured.

It did not come as a surprise though as the Senate speaker had days ago hinted the country was not ready to have the elections as planned this November.

The Senate last week rejected a bill passed by parliament to have the presidential and political organisations held simultaniously.

President Bihi has severally stated the political organisations elections should precede the presidential polls a position the opposition has not welcomed

At the same time and in a shocking move, the Senate which has been in office for 30 years decided to extend its stay for another five years. The Senate has not held elections in over two decades.

Somaliland’s presidential election was scheduled to take place on November 13.

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