Bihi directs electoral commission to hold party elections ahead of presidential polls as opposition hits back

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Somaliland President Musa Bihi insists the political party elections will be held ahead of the presidential elections, an indicator that he will be in power beyond his term that is expected to end in November.

Bihi said in front of the Supreme Court Chairman, Adan Haji Ahmed during the swearing in of the remaining three members of the National Electoral Commission that the electoral body have two elections to implement in the near future, but instructed them to hold the political registration elections first.

“There are two elections that you are going to hold, firstly the parties, then the top three national parties will compete for the presidential elections.”

“But it is not possible nor fair to say to the newly registered organizations, that they will not be part of the presidential elections and have to wait after the presidential elections is held, which is not in accordance with our laws.”

The president’s position goes against the business commitee mediation team that had suggested to have the presidential elections and political party elections at the same time.

The Somaliland opposition has maintained the presidential elections should be held in November, the government is not keen to have this happen.

Meanwhile the opposition parties in Somaliland in reaction said that they will not accept an election other than the presidential one, and they will resume their prodemocracy protests.

Waddani Party presidential candidate Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi Irro, and the Chairman of the UCID Party, Faisal Ali Warabe condemned president Bihi’s disregard for the country’s electoral laws, as he told the new commissioners to skip the presidential elections.

“There is no election that can precede the presidential election, which now has its laws and budgets ready, there is no electoral law ready to hold the direct elections of the new organizations” candidate Irro said.

He added that no one can hold an election that the three national parties do not agree upon stating that the recent Supreme Court opinion that “the new political organization elections could be conducted on its own” is not an electoral law.

Irro accused the government of deliberately delaying the presidential election, the president breaking his oath, and called on the parliament to impeach him.

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