Opposition chiefs share their frustrations with American lobby group

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Somaliland opposition parties have shared their frustration in the democratisation efforts of the country with a delegation from the United States made up former US diplomats, military officers and officials from Heritage Foundation Academy.

Officials of opposition parties WADDANI and UCID separately met the American lobby group just days after the delegation had held a meeting with President Muse Bihi.

The meeting comes just days after deadly pro-election protests rocked the unrecognized country.

Chairman of Waddani Party Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan said discussed the country’s current political situation and Somaliland quest for recognition.

“Today we met with a delegation from the United States said to be friends of Somaliland, we thanked them for their efforts in seeking recognition for Somaliland. We also briefed them on the country’s current situation and our commitment in finding a solution,” Hirsi said.

UCID party chairman Eng. Faisal Ali Warabe, together with party officials, also today held a meeting the delegation.

The UCID party discussed the political situation in the country, especially the presidential election issues and the mass prodemocracy rallies in Somaliland on August 11, 2022 with the delegation.

On the other hand, Dr Peter Pham, one of the members of the delegation, described the meetings with the National parties as fruitful.

Pham tweeted: “Pleased to meet with the leaders of #Somaliland’s two opposition political parties, @WaddaniP & @XisbigaU, to reaffirm the importance of consolidating gains made in the country’s three decades of democratic politics & peaceful, consensual conflict resolution as elections near.”

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