We will go to the streets on August 11, says Somaliland opposition leades

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Somaliland opposition parties, UCID and Waddani have called for national protests on Thursday August to push the government to hold presidential elections in November.

The parties have issued notice to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of their intent to hold the street protests.

“Today, the two chairpersons of the opposition parties UCID and Waddani informed the Ministry of Interior about the Somaliland salvation protest that will be held in all the regions of the country, which we have planned to take place on Thursday, the 11th of this month,” stated Waddani Chairman Hirsi Hajji Ali.

The rallies will take place at the Khayr-yada Squares in all the regions of the country.

Interior Minister Mohamed Kahin and Somaliland Police Chief General Mohamed Dabagale have however outlawed the protests and have threatened to imprison party leaders and members of Parliament who participate in the prodemocracy protests.

The Salvation of Somaliland protests are in response to President Muse Bihi’s desire to extend his term in office and eliminate the current national parties.

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