Halgan party boss joins opposition in demanding elections in November date

News Somaliland

Pressure on Somaliland President Muse Bihi to have elections held in November continued with the chairman of Halgan Political Association and prominent politician, Ali Mohamed Yusuf (Ali Gurey) joining the opposition in the push.

Ali Gurey said that it is not possible to hold election in Somaliland without consensus, and a one-sided election cannot take place.

Speaking on MMTV Ali Gurey said that the registered organizations will not be participating in the presidential election.

He said that until the Presidential Election is held, it will not be possible for political organizations to compete in any election.

“Halgan will not participate in such an election, the results will be in blood soaked ballot boxes, our view is that we value Somaliland more than the presidency” he said.

President Bihi has insisted on party registration first a move the opposition parties and some new political associations vehemently oppose.

“I will not tell lies to people and say that President Muse Bihi will register new political associations prior to the presidential election,” he said.

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