UK invite proposals to fund media freedom in Somaliland


The British Office Hargeisa (BOH) is interested in funding a partnership to support the foundations of media freedom in Somaliland.

According to a communique from the British office in Somaliland capital, Hargeisa the partnership is aimed at building the capacity of journalists, building understanding between journalists and security institutions, support for the safety and security of journalists.

Coming at a time when political tension has spiraled in Somaliland and attack on media freedom at its all time high, the programme will be of great benefit to journalists.

The last three months has seen heightened arbitrary arrest of media personalities by the government. Last week, the government closed down the BBC operations in Somaliland and briefly arrested several staffers. This has led to an international outcry.

In its communication, the British office in Hargeisa is also welcoming partnerships to support women and girls, unlocking their potential, agency and freedoms through education, and particularly targeting those affected by the ongoing drought.

“The British office in Hargeisa welcomes project proposals for its International Programme Fund (IPF) for the Financial Year 2022/23. The IPF supports programme activity under the framework of the UK government’s foreign policy objectives in Somaliland,” said the statement in the British government website.

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