We are disillusioned by the injustice and tribalism in the country, say the youth


Young Somaliland nationals who have returned to the country are getting disillusioned by the falling standards of democracy in the country.

Most of the youth who returned to the country from the United States, Canada and Europe are now opting to return to the diaspora.

One of the them is Ramadhan Cadar who said the systematic injustice and tribalism in the country has left him disillusioned and left him contemplating returning to Europe.

“The widespread practice of systematic injustice and tribalism in Somaliland has led to even the most idealist among us to lose hope. Many families who recently moved tov Somaliland are now choosing to return back to Europe and North America,” said Ramadhan in a tweet.

Somaliland has of late been on the spot for its floundering democracy under President Muse Bihi. Opposition party supporters have recently been arrested while holding peaceful demonstration while attack in the media has heightened.

The European Union has expressed its concern at the ongoings in the country.

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