KAAH, the latest baby in the growing Somaliland political confusion

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A new political party was on Thursday morning formed amidst growing political confusion in Somaliland over the impending presidential elections.

About 600 delegates gathered at the Grand Herdi Hotel in the outskirts of the capital  Hargeisa and agreed to form the KAAH party which will participate in the party elections called by the government later this year.

Observers suspect the hand of the government in the formation of the new party whose leader is expected to be Mohamoud Hashi Abdi, who is widely credited to the presidential election victory of Kulmiye Party in 2017.

This move has raised eyebrows as the main opposition political parties in the country WADDANI and UCID have insisted the presidential elections be held first in November before the registration of new parties. The government on the other hand maintains the party registrations will precede the presidential elections.

As a result of this impasse, the opposition last month called countrywide demonstrations which saw several of their leaders and supporters injured in clashes with the police.

Mediation talks which were called by traditional and religious leaders to calm the tension have since collapsed with the opposition threatening to go back to the streets.

Observers view the KAAH party as a new entrant into the prevailing confusion.

Among those present during the formation of the new KAAH party were several former ministers and traditional leaders.

Curiously, there was also a telling presence of sitting parliamentarians elected last year.

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