UCID party boss says Bihi misrule may lead the country towards civil war

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Chairman of the Somaliland opposition party UCID Faisal Ali Warabe now says the country is on the verge of civil war due to the misrule of President Muse Bihi.

Speaking in Nairobi

after meeting
with members of the international community, Warabe said he had briefed the envoys on the current situation in Somaliland and the growing tension in the country occasioned by the government’s intent to postpone the presidential elections from November to an unknown date.

He said that the gains Somaliland has made democratically over the last 30 years stand to be eroded and the country is on the verge of civil war fueled by President Muse Bihi Abdi’s desire to postpone the November 13, 2022 presidential election.

“We have shared our position with the international community and we stated our position about the elections process. The president is misleading the international community,” said the UCID Chairman.

Warabe said President Bihi must have seen the writing on the wall when the opposition swept the last House of Representatives and Municipal elections.

The international partners met with UCID chairman in person and on Zoom with the president last week.

But curiously, while the president maintained all is well, it is not the case on the ground where tension is heightening due to the electoral dispute.

The dispute over the presidential election is based on the fact that President Bihi does not want to compete with the current national parties, preferring to register and compete with much weaker parties.

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