Arrested protestor fighting for his life in police cells after being tortured

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One of the young protestors arrested three weeks ago during demonstrations called by opposition leaders is fighting for his life in police cells after allegedly being tortured by security officers.

Sources inside the police cells indicate the young man (name withheld) has been brutally beaten by officers and has lost one of his testicles.

Police on June 9 attacked peaceful demonstrators and journalists during street protests called by the opposition parties to push President Musa Bihi’s government to hold the presidential elections on time.

Several people were injured with top opposition leaders accusing the government of using security officers to attempt to assassinate them.

Several opposition leaders and journalists were sent to police cells with no charges being preferred on them three weeks later.

This cruel actions have sparked serious debate about Somaliland government hatred towards its citizens.

The story of this young man became viral in social media and has gravely damaged Somaliland’s positive image in the world.

Meanwhile, Wadani Party Presidential Candidate Dr. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi Irro on Saturday visited members of the opposition who have been detained in Mandhera Prison.

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