Bihi releases nominees for electoral commission

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Somaliland opposition have taken issue with the list of new national electoral commission members announced by President Muse Bihi in the weekend.

The opposition said at least for said four of the five picked belonged to the ruling party Kulmiye.

The new officials were named after the previous members resigned from the commission following a dispute that erupted between them over the leadership.

By law, the president and his ruling party nominate three members, the Upper House (Guurti) of the Somaliland parliament picks two while each of the two opposition parties nominates one.

President Bihi submitted the list of names to the parliament for approval.

The national electoral commission contains 7 executive members; three appointed by the president, two from the house of elders and the remaining two appointed by the two opposition parties.

The announcement of the president came barely a few days after opposition parties declared nationwide protests against presidential electoral delay and accused the president for not showing commitment to accelerate the electoral process.

The names include three presidential nominees- Musa Hassan Yusuf, Ahmed Osman Hassan and Hussein Abdi Ali. The Guurti (upper house) appointed Ahmed Yussuf Mohamed and Fadumo Ismail Abdi while WADDANI party nominated  Abdiasiis Hirsi Warsame with Ibrahim Adan Ali being nominated by UCID party.

The nomination also comes as Somaliland is embroiled in a political standoff between the opposition and the government over delayed  presidential elections process, which are currently being mediated by elders in an effort to bring both sides closer.

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