Religious leaders and civil society join opposition in calls to push President Bihi to hold polls on time

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Prominent traditional and religious leaders in the country have called for a calm and peaceful resolution to the presidential election conflict as tensions soar up and fear of clashes between opposition forces and government officials escalate.

This coming after the collapse of talks between President Muse Bihi and Opposition Leaders late last week. 

Top traditional leaders, notably the grand Suldan of Habar Awal sub-clan which President Muse Bihi belongs to have issued strong statements calling for the president to show leadership and hold presidential election on time.

 “Presidential election is before the political associations election, Mr. president, please do hold presidential election on time, on the 13th November 2022”, said Grand Suldan Hassan Suldan Abdillahi Suldan Diiriye, in a direct message to the president. 

The Grand Suldan and other prominent traditional leaders directed their messages to the president and asked him to respect the law and prevent conflict in the country. 

“Please stop interfering with the National Election Commission and let them implement the voter registration that paves the way for the elections”, stressed another traditional leader who also belongs to president’s clan. 

The message from the president’s clan has been widely welcomed across Somaliland as it exerts more pressure on the president.

On their part, 24 top Somaliland clerics have issued an appeal to the government and political parties to solve the political standoff peacefully, urging the president to show responsibility and accommodate the opposition views.

They likewise called opposition parties to seek push their agenda through peaceful means adhere to patience. 

“We categorically appeal the president to handle this conflict maturely and with tolerance and accommodate the opposition view as instructed by our religion”, read one of their points in their statement. 

President Bihi has remained silent in the face of escalating tension in the country.

Meanwhile the opposition has already called for countrywide demonstrations to push him to set a clear roadmap to the elections which are constitutionally to beheld by November 13.

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