Somaliland stability at stake as opposition calls for mass action over delayed presidential polls

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The stability of the Republic of  Somaliland looks threatened with renewed calls for mass action to push the government to give a roadmap to the forthcoming Presidential election.

The main opposition parties are threatening to mobilise the citizens for a peaceful uprising should President Muse Bihi fail to set the path for the elections which are due before the end of the year.

The Presidential candidate of Waddani party, the main opposition party of Somaliland Abdirahman Irro, has accused President Muse Bihi for “Engineering” a term extension which he described as “unconstitutional” and warned it could lead to violence in the country.

Abdirahman said the continued silence by the president and his government is creating unnecessary political tension as evidenced in the violent proceedings in parliament last Monday.

Recounting the last meeting he had with the President, he said Bihi does not show any commitment to hold the presidential election on 13 November 2022 and in contrast the president aims at the license of the current political parties expiring without participating in the presidential election.

“Muse says he wants to have a term extension and we say, you do not have a right to do so.” The opposition leader  said

The opposition is also accusing the government of mobilizing security forces to round up dissenting people across the country.

Abdirahman urged his supporters and the public to stand for defending the constitution and to oppose what he called an “autocratic regime” to rule Somaliland.

“Our stability is at stake. The government is mobilizing security forced to silence the opposition. We will not be silenced,” said the opposition leader.

“I call on the supporters of the Waddani party and the people of Somaliland to be ready to express their concerns so that Muse and his government can be forced to follow the law,” said Irro.

Abdirahman, urged the people of Somaliland, especially the youth, not to fear the authorities bullets, and to express how they feel.

“Wadani and its supporters are not armed. Youths, if the soldiers open fire on you, do not back down.” said Abdirahman.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the Somaliland National Movement that  fought to liberate the country from Somalia are monitoring the events keenly.

The Somaliland presidential elections are supposed to be held by November 13 but the government is yet to give a clear roadmap including voter registration exercise.

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