Bihi meets opposition leaders amid escalating political tension in Somaliland

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Amid escalating pressure to set the roadmap for the Presidential elections, Somaliland leader Musa Bihi on Monday in Hargeisa met leaders of the opposition to in a bid to forestall the growing political tension in the country.

According to sources, the meeting was initiated by the European Union though the ruling Kulmiye party says it was a government initiative.

Wadani party Secretary General Khadar Hussein Abdisaid the meeting was facilitated by the European Union.

 “Tonight, a meeting facilitated by the EU brought together President Muse Bihi and the leaders of the two national opposition parties. After the meeting, we will report back to the public,” said Waddani secretary general.

The meeting is said to be focused on the electoral crisis that has escalated in recent days.

The two National opposition parties in Somaliland have accused President Bihi of stalling the elections time table.

The Somaliland presidential elections have been scheduled for November 2022 when the term of President Bihi expires.

Last weekend, the opposition parties, Waddani and UCID said they will not recognize the country’s leadership of President Muse Bihi once his term ends at the end of the year.

The two parties accused the president of planning to cling on to power despite his five year term almost expiring.

They said tension is growing in Somaliland because of the failure by the President to give a roadmap for the elections which constitutionally are supposed to be held in November.

Wadani party chairman Hirsi Hassan said President Bihi wants to extend his term in office, adding he would not allow presidential elections to be held on time.

“What we are talking about and complaining about, and the reason the youth are coming out, the people are talking, the parties opposing is that the president wants to stay in office past his mandate.” said Wadani Party Chairman Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan.

The chairman of the UCID party, Faisal Ali Warabe, also said that President Bihi wanted to disband the opposition parties in Somaliland, and said that he would not allow the election of political parties to take place.

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